Bakin Update: Ver. 1.10

New and Improved Features


“Decal” related functions that allow 2D images to be projected onto 3D backgrounds and decorated have been implemented.
For more information on how to use decals, please see Decal Stamps.

  • New “Decal Stamps” section in Resources is now available.

    (!)In v1.10, stamps added to the “Decal Stamps” are placed in the Objects tab of the Map Editor > Stamps Palette.
  • Added “decal shader” as a shader available in Resources > Materials.
  • “Decal Target” has been added to the Resources > Materials properties. Turning this switch on will cause decals to be projected.

    (!)Note that using large images as decals or using many decals will increase the processing load.


  • The edit UI for State Definition > “State Abilities” has been changed to “additional type”.

    With this change, the Effects tab has been eliminated and combined into a single tab.
  • The “Auto Damage” ability of “State” can now be assigned separately in battle and on the map, and it is now possible to choose a consumption value other than HP as the target of damage.
  • The “state” ability “automatic damage” can now be specified with a negative value. This allows for an “automatic recovery” ability to be added to the “state”.
  • The “State” ability “Disable Encounters” was changed to “Change in Encounter Rate” to increase or decrease the encounter probability.
  • “Sequential Numbering of Names When Generated”, a function that automatically assigns unique names (sequential numbers at the end) to cast events, has been added to the Casts > Others tab.

    The maximum number to be assigned is the value specified in “Maximum Number of Events Generated” under Game Definition > Rules and Operations > Shooting Events. Please note that the number will loop if it is exceeded.
  • Changed the “Map/Available in Battles” flag so that both flags are turned on when a new skill is created.
  • When pasting databases between projects when Bakin multiple launches, the status in use can also be pasted.

[Layout Tool]

  • “Slider Orientation” was newly added to the properties of the slider panel, and the option to select the orientation of slider expansion/contraction from “Up/Down” or ” Left/Right” was added.
  • The UI of the following dialog, which opens from the Layout / Container / Panel Properties, has been modified.
    • Text Panel: Special Formats Insert Dialog
    • Slider Panel: Parameters Reflected in the Slider Insert Dialog
    • Rendering Container: Special Coordinate Specification Tag Insert Dialog
    • Layout of Item Selection Screen, etc.: Management Tags for Items to be Displayed Selection Dialog
  • The following features have been added to enhance the “Management Tags to be Displayed” layout property, which narrows down the entries to be displayed in the layout.
  • Added “Management Tags for Skills to be Displayed” to the layout properties of the following screen:
    Free Layout for Event
  • Change the layout property of the following screen to “Management Tags for Skills to be Displayed”
    Skill Activator Selection / Skill Selection / Skill Picture Book / Battle Skill Selection
  • Added Item Related Tags
    Obtained Items (For Picture Book)
  • Added Skill Related Tags
    Learned Skills (For Picture Book)
  • A folder management mechanism has been added to the “Layout to be Assigned” field.


  • A “Change Transition” panel has been implemented to change the screen switching effects (transitions) during the process of moving from map to battle and from one map to another during the flow of the game.

    You can change the sprite used for the Screen Switching Effect, which can be assigned in Game Definition > System Resources. This will allow the transition to be changed only for “boss battles” or “moving to an important map” by events.
  • A scroll bar has been added to the description text field in the “Call C# Program” panel.
  • Regarding the “Check Collision State” panel, we have added the ability to get whether there is a collision or not by specifically assigning a cast name.
  • The “Select from Selection and Check Results” panel now can specify a display condition switch for each selection.
  • For the “Assign to String Variable” and “String Replacement” panels, the ability to change the name of “This Event” has been added.
  • A new option has been added to the “Obtain Battle Information” panel so that values can be obtained in the range of 1~ instead of 0~.

    (!)For example, “Target Number of Last Used Skill (1~)” is an option that was added this time.

    The existing option to obtain a value from (0~ ) has been left as “Deprecated”, so there is no need to change the existing event processing.
  • In the Event Command Selector, the “Display Effect” panel has been moved from the “Conversation” category to the “Screen Effects” category.

[Map Editor]

  • Rotate lights and decals can now be rotated using the rotate button on the Tools palette.
  • The direction of rotation using the Rotate button on the Tools Palette has been reversed. (Left-click to rotate counterclockwise, right-click to rotate clockwise.)


  • A “Vertex Compression” option has been implemented in Resources > Models.

    By turning this off, the “slight degradation of vertex coordinates when displaying models with Bakin” that was sure to occur in the past will no longer occur.

[Test Play]

  • Added the ability to add/delete items in possession in the Edit menu of the Cast Parameter Check View.


  • The “Batch Rename Dialog” available from the context menu in the Map Editor > Placement List Palette and other trees in the tool now remembers the settings specified in the dialog.

    The “Numbering Digits” and “Make All Names the Same” checkboxes will be remembered.


  • Some Chinese translations have been improved.

Bug Fixes

[Map Editor]

  • Fixed a bug that caused an exception when changing a map name in the Map List.


  • Fixed a bug in which the effect of using an item during battle was displayed even when the item had no effect, and the number of items was not reduced.


  • Fixed a bug in the “Item Enhancement” panel that prevented enhancing the recovery effect of added consumable statuses.
  • Fixed a bug in the “Recover/Reduce Battle Cast’s HP/MP” panel that incorrectly referenced party stats when “Effect Source” was selected from the Cast.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some conditions to not work correctly when using label jumps, such as when jumping into a conditional branch.
  • In the “Check Collision State” panel and the “Collision Detection” event sheet condition, the capsule collider was making the decision when “Including Non-Collision Targets” was checked.
  • Fixed a bug in which the “Change Cast Status” panel was not changing the status of the cast but the total status, including equipment, etc.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Asset Picker to open when right-dragging in the preview of the sheet graphic in the Event Editor.
  • Fixed a bug in the Edit UI of the Event Panel where the control that allows direct values and variables to be assigned, sometimes the variable selection was visible even in direct value mode.


  • Fixed a bug in the “Auto Damage Frequency” of the “State” ability, which was causing damage every turn regardless of the specified value.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the translucent state of the last cast member of the Party Train to be reflected to the player when the “State” ability “Display in Translucent” was used with the Party Train off.

    (!)After this version, the player cast will reflect a translucent state only if everyone is translucent.
  • Fixed a bug in the Database > Items tree where copying and pasting an item with an item event specified did not save the item event for the pasted item.

[Gameplay Issues]

  • Since Ver. 1.9.0, we have fixed a bug that sometimes caused the Battle Result screen to run extremely slow when the cast had their class set for a project of a certain size.

[Map Editor]

  • Fixed a bug that caused unintended rotation results when using the manipulator to rotate a placed object if the object had a Z-rotation applied.
  • Fixed a bug that local light type changes (local light/spotlight) were not recorded in the history for undo.

[Test Play]

  • Fixed a bug in the Cast Parameter Check View where in-game cast skill replacements were not immediately reflected in the list of Learn/Forget Skill forms in the Edit Menu.


  • Fixed a bug that the slider background image on the Orb Stories config screen was not displayed after Ver. 1.9.0.
  • Fixed a bug in which the proper management tags were not specified for some of the resources in the Images/Textures reserved folder.
  • Fixed a bug that the volume of Bakin itself and the execution engine changed by “Volume Mixer” in Windows was not saved.

Alerts for Update

If you are using the following functions after updating to Ver. 1.10, please check the contents and correct them.

  • If you are using self-made shaders in the previous version, please make the following modifications.
    • To access scene information (members of struct System in uniform.cgh), use the SCNVAL macro.
    • When assigning the PBR world position using the fragment shader, the FragmentInStruct position information should be passed to the CalcWorldPosition function as a parameter.
  • If you are using “UV Step Animation” of the material, please make the following modifications as necessary.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the frames to be omitted when the “Number of Total Frames” in “UV Step Animation” under Resources > Materials was less than U Slice x V Slice, where the frames were no longer adopted from the right end of the second row from the bottom (the bottom row is always adopted). This behavior was fixed.
    • If you have created UV step animations based on this behavior, please rearrange the images on the assumption that they will be omitted from the bottom row.
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