Charming Chinese Townscape DLC

This is a 3D model resource pack for creating old Chinese style townscapes.

In addition to traditional style houses and buildings such as pailou, a variety of ornaments such as fences, balustrades, stone pillars, bamboos and lanterns are included to create vivid maps that evoke the beauty of the Orient.

[Charming Chinese Townscape Pack] Contents

3D Stamps: 44 (variations: 53)
Building Stamps: 9 (roofs, windows, etc…. variations: 27)
Decorative Stamps: 24 (pillars, fences, etc…. variations: 11)
Small Object Stamps: 15 (lanterns, flags, fruit, etc…. variations: 15)

Prefab: 32

Sample Maps: 2

Author: Companion Wulf

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