Bakin Update: Ver.

Bug Fixes

[Layout Tool]

  • Fixed a bug that prevented masks specified for layout parts from being applied to sprites placed in the layout.

[Gameplay Issues]

  • Fixed a bug in which the enhancement values of enhancement items were not being saved correctly in the save data under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed cast members in the Unable to Act state to use skills on a map.

[Map Editor]

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the “cut” of terrain from working properly.

[Game Definition]

  • The color picker that appears when specifying a color in Rules and Operations > Display Color for Hidden Areas has been modified so that it does not display the alpha channel option.
  • Since the alpha channel value is invalid for “Display Color for Hidden Areas,” the above correction has been made.


  • Fixed a bug in which the start timing of movie playback by the “Play Movie” panel was sometimes delayed by several frames compared to the execution of the event panel.
  • Fixed a bug in which specifying “Transfer of Grown-Up Status” to “Yes” in the “Change Cast’s Class” panel would update the skills available to the cast to only those available to the cast and their class.

[Sprite Tool]

  • In the sprite list, when a new sprite set was added, the same sprite set was displayed twice in the tree.
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Author: Companion Wulf

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