Bakin Update: Ver.

Bug Fixes

[Sprite Tool]

  • Fixed a bug that caused regular mask and alpha inverted mask to be standardized to one of them when they were mixed in the screen.


  • Fixed a bug that caused -1 to be assigned when obtaining the “Target Number” in the “Obtain Battle Information” panel when using a skill that only specifies the activation of a common event for the skill’s ability during a battle.
  • Fixed a bug in the “Check Collision State” panel in which the “Obtain Name of Check Target Contacted” check box could not be turned back ON after the check box was turned OFF.
  • Since Ver. 1.9.0, an exception occurred when attempting to stop movie playback by assigning “None” to the movie to be played in the “Play Movie” panel.


  • The following two bugs in the Casts > Battles tab > Battle Command Menu have been fixed.
  • Changing “Function to be Assigned” from “Guard” or “Charge” to “Open Item/Skill List” will cause an exception.
  • Change “Open Item (Skill) List” to “Open Skill (Item) List” where layout is assigned, and parameters will be blank.

[Layout Tool]

  • Fixed a bug that caused interpolation from the initial coordinates for the special coordinate tag “Player” in the layout.

[Test Play]

  • Fixed a bug that could cause an exception in the update process of the variable list in exceedingly rare cases while the Debug Dialog is being displayed.
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Author: Companion Wulf

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