New Release: Old Assets Terrains Bundle Pack

A Fundraiser for Our Son’s Extra Medical Costs

The Old Assets Terrains Bundle Pack contains all of my old assets packs for Smile Game Builder, comprising over 800 terrain assets for you to use in your games.

What’s the Money For?

Our son was rushed into ER a few weeks ago, critically ill. Although he’s recovering now, he’s still in the hospital, undergoing a plethora of tests and treatments. He has kidney problems and needed to have a partial leg amputation.

The moneys raised by purchasing this bundle pack will go directly towards expenses that the medical doesn’t cover, such as a wheelchair ramp, maybe certain medicines, and any after-care expenses that might arise.

Last year, Tina, my other half was also rushed into hospital. The after-care expenses all mounted up and ate away at our savings. So now, with our son also needing medical attention, we’re impoverished and caught in between a rock and a very hard spot.

Hence this appeal and the reason for the Old Assets Terrains Bundle Pack.

For Smile Game Builder and RPG Developer Bakin

The terrains are 48×48 (the default for SGB), but they should also work well in RPG Developer Bakin. These also do not contain “normal” or “maks” maps. They are presented “as is” as part of our fundraiser.


For much more detail, please visit the page and consider purchasing the pack at either $10 or the suggested price $15 (your choice).

All of the money that this pack generates will go directly towards this fundraiser.

SubscribeStar Patrons

$15-Tier monthly SubscribeStar pagrons will be able to download this pack – as well as previously unreleased assets belonging to the terrain assets packs – for free.

Author: Companion Wulf

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