Bakin Update: Ver. 1.8

New and Improved Features

[Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) Language Support]

  • Simplified (zh-Hans) and traditional (zh-Hant) Chinese can now be selected in Language.
    You can select your language from the top menu > Preferences > Language.
    We will continue to enhance the quality of our translations.

[Layout Tool]

  • The “Mask Texture” setting has been implemented for rendering containers and menu containers.
    By specifying an image for the mask, you can display the container’s child elements in any shape you wish. Images with alpha are also acceptable for mask images.
    A sample mask image is attached. Please download it and try it out by specifying it in the “Mask Image” of the container.
  • “Display Condition Switch” has been implemented for rendering containers and submenu containers.
    The event switch can be used to show/hide them.
  • “Variable to Assign the Result to” setting has been implemented for menu containers.
    You can assign which of the child submenu containers was selected to the assigned variable.
  • Added an action “Change the Value of a Variable (For Slider)” to the submenu container that can be used when a child element has a slider.
  • An option “Line Spacing Offset” has been implemented in the layout properties of the Messages, Conversations, and Tickers screens to adjust the spacing between each line.
  • The filtering function of display entries by management tags specified for each entry in the Database is now also available on the Skill Selection screen and in the Free Layout for Events.
  • CurrentParty-related formatting is now available on the “User Selection Screen” for items and skills.
  • When the Special Coordinate Specification Tag “DamagePosition” is used, particle effects are also displayed on top of the windows.
    In the past, only 2D sprites could be used for damage effects in the Dungeon RPG Sample battles. With the addition of this feature, 3D particles can also be used.


  • When specifying variables in conversations, messages, formula settings, etc., a function has been implemented that allows the user to select from a list of variables to be quoted.
    For example, in the “Display Conversation” panel, if you wanted to use a variable in the text, you would have to write down the name of the variable separately and enter it again. We solved this problem by bringing up a variable box selection dialog when quoting variables.
    This dialog can be closed with the ESC key.
  • A new field to change the event name has been added to the Event Editor.
  • Added “Including Non-Collision Targets” checkbox to the sheet condition “Collision Detection” on event sheets.
    When this is turned on, the condition panel will be activated even if there are overlapping events that are not subject to collision.
  • The “Including Non-Collision Targets” function has been added to the “Check Collision State” panel.
    When this is turned on, the condition panel will be activated even if there are overlapping events that are not subject to collision.
  • In the “Check Collision State” panel, when the Check Destination is set to “Event”, a function to ignore events in the middle of the disappearance process has been implemented.
  • The “Obtain Item Parameter” panel can now also be used to obtain information on equipped items.
  • The “Obtain Cast Status” panel can now obtain the cast’s original ability value specified in Database > Casts.
  • The “Change Cast Status” panel now allows cast events to be assigned as change targets.
  • Fixed the notation in the “Call C# Program” panel so that the description is different from Vector4 when the parameter is of type Color.

[Game Definition]

  • The number of action buttons that can be assigned has been increased from 3 to 10.
    You can set your own keys in “Key/Button Assignments” under “Rules and Operations”.
  • A function to vibrate the controller in response to screen vibration has been implemented.
    It can be enabled/disabled from Game Definition > Project Settings.
  • The “Standard Turning Speed” setting has been added to the “Movement (Inertia)” section under “Rules and Operations.
    In addition, a panel to “Change Turning Speed” has been added to the “Player” and “Events” categories, respectively.
  • Added “Pause Event Walking as Needed” to “Movement (Inertia)” section under “Rules and Operations”.
    Using this feature, the user can choose whether to stop walking by the “Movement Pattern” of the event while the menu is being displayed.


  • The UI has been improved for specifying the abilities of skills in the Skills > Basic tab.
  • The UI has been improved for specifying the ability of items in the Item > Change Elements tab.
    We changed to a method of adding entries and summarizing the fields to make it easier to review the abilities of the items and skills. It is also designed to adapt easily to future enhancements. The change to an additive UI will be applied to other sections in the Database in the future.
  • Added “No Collision with the Same Cast Member” switch to the Casts > Others tab.
    The same cast members will not collide with each other even if “Collide with Other Events” is turned on in the cast event setting.
  • Decimals can now also be used as the specified values for the following settings.
    Previously, only integer values could be managed, but this has been extended to allow more flexible specification.
    • “Basic Increase Value” in Casts > Basic Tab > Growth Factors
    • “Basic Increase Value” in Classes > Basic Tab > Growth Factors
    • “Reward for Being Defeated as an Enemy” in Casts > Battles tab (item drop rate setting)

[Map Editor]

  • When placing a stamp, even if the “Place on Top” button in the bottom menu of the Map Editor is ON, the stamp will not be placed on top if there is no collision specified.
  • The preview on the “Terrains” tab of the Stamp Palette now shows the texture specified for the terrain.

    If it does not appear, try changing the size of the preview frame.

[Camera Tool]

  • A function has been added to the camera properties “Basic Settings” to specify the interpolation time and method from the previous camera.

[Test Play]

  • An option has been added to the Options > Cast Parameter Check View to show casts on maps.

    This can be specified in the “Option” added at the top of the Check View. You can choose whether to display all parameters of the cast members or only a limited range of information, such as their location.


  • For each resource section, the tabs that appear in the Asset Picker when the Add button is pressed have been narrowed down to only those that are appropriate.

    Improvements have been made to this feature to reduce confusion, especially when importing 3D assets from DLCs.

[Top Menu]

  • The maximum number of history projects displayed in “History” has been increased from 20 to 100.
  • In “History,” the ability to select multiple projects and delete them from the History while holding down the Ctrl key has been added.


  • Added description that bool/Vector2,3,4/Color can be used as parameters and return value of BakinFunction.


  • Fixed that letters that do not exist in the font used when the game is executed are taken from the system font.
  • A “Delete All Error Thumbnails” option has been added to the “View” menu in the top menu of the Map Editor to delete all thumbnails that failed to be created.

— Bug Fixes —


  • Fixed a bug in which “0” could be entered as the initial value for the status “Max HP” in the Casts > Basic tab.

[Layout Tool]

  • Fixed a bug where the menu container property “Hide when Menu is Opened” did not support battle commands.
  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect display in the game when using sprite animations for the “Container for Speech Bubble” in the Layout Tool of the Conversation and Message screens.
  • Fixed a bug when rendering a texture specified as “FILL_STRETCH” and “NO_SLICE” as a “window”, it was being rendered 4px narrower.
    Assigning 2 to the property “X Margin for Slider” under Resources > Images will maintain the conventional behavior.


  • Fixed a bug in which “Movement/Rotation/Scale Disable Nodes” in the Motion Settings was not reflected in the preview.
  • Fixed a bug where the screen vibration setting was not being reflected on the particle preview.
  • The rendering order of subgraphics for 2D stamps has been corrected to be constant.
  • In Blend Shapes, an exception occurred when creating a Clip by assigning a “model with no shape key” and selecting “Add All Keys”.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented array variables from being specified correctly in the edit UI for “add target element type” event panels, such as the “Change Cast Status” panel.
  • Fixed a bug in the “Obtain Cast Status” panel where the status of some cast events could not be obtained.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing export/import from working correctly for events using panels with array variables as parameters.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a variable entry with the name in question to be made on the normal variable side when a panel with an array variable as a parameter was copied and pasted.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an exception when trying to retrieve “the item’s original parameters specified in Database > Items” for items that cannot be enhanced.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented specifying the ally side placement in the “Execute Battle and Check Results” panel placement adjustment since Ver. 1.7.0.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Recover/Reduce HP for This Event” panel was not synchronized with the status in some cases.


  • Fixed a problem in which the “Attack Camera” did not return to the “Standby Camera” when the last action of the turn was a normal attack by a monster during a battle.

[Play Execution Issues]

  • When the event “Falling by Gravity” is turned off, the prevention of falling from cliffs is no longer activated.
  • Fixed a bug where added statuses were not reflected in some cases for casts on maps.

[Camera Tool]

  • Fixed a bug where the light coefficient specified in the conversation scene camera was not reflected during play.

    Along with this correction, the DOF setting has been disabled in the conversation scene camera. The DOF-related settings in the camera properties are also not allowed to be changed. This is because the background must be transparent and cannot be enabled.

[Map Editor]

  • Fixed a bug regarding event symbols on the Map Editor where the “Lights on Buildings” on/off was not always immediately reflected.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an exception when specifying a size of 16384×16384 when creating a new map.

[Game Definition]

  • Fixed a bug in the Initial Accompanied Members list in the Start Settings. Cast members’ statuses were being cut off.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the “Select Target to Swap Places” section to not return to the default term when “Restore to Initial State” was pressed under Game Definition > Common Terms.
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