The Fate of My Medieval Fantasy Assets

If you’ve been watching my social media, no doubt you’ll know that I’ve extensively promoted my Medieval Fantasy assets range, featuring my Tavern and Alchemy 3D models, along with diverse terrain packs.

However, if you’ve been eagerly awaiting their release and wondering why they haven’t materialized yet, here’s the reason.

Amidst juggling personal matters and managing multiple projects, I decided to indefinitely postpone the launch of the Medieval Fantasy assets.

Instead, I’ve chosen to integrate them exclusively into my upcoming RPG Developer Bakin, The Explorer’s Guild. All models intended for the Medieval Fantasy packs, along with additional ones tailored for the game, are already imported. Exclusive 3D models are desired to maintain the game’s uniqueness, steering clear of the common trend in RPG Maker games where shared assets diminish individuality.

Once the game debuts, if there’s a demand for these assets, I’ll consider releasing them as standalone packs. SubscribeStar patrons will benefit from exclusive discounts, as well as bonus content, should this be the case.

I will still release various asset packs, with a focus on modern and possibly sci-fi themes. These packs will emphasize the “modular” design, empowering users to mix and match different styles and variations.

Curious about what’s on the horizon? Stay tuned to the Bakin Athenaeum for updates on upcoming and released assets packs. And remember, you’ll find them available for download on, now that the curtains have closed on the Gnome Treasure store.

Author: Companion Wulf

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