Upcoming Chests Tutorials Videos

Some time ago I created some chests tutorials for Smile Game Builder (SGB): Part 1 & Part 2.

In SGB, certain things were not possible – such as random gold and combination locks – they are possible in RPG Developer Bakin. This new series updates the SGB tutorias to Bakin and shows how to accomplish these previously impossible.

  • Open with a PIN Number
  • Open with a Password
  • Open with an Item
  • Open Facing Front Only
  • Items by Player Level
  • Random Gold
  • Random Item
  • Evade Trap (Agility)
  • Count Chests Opened
  • Multiple Keys to Open (Method #1)
  • Multiple Keys to Open (Method #2)
  • Teleport (Portkey) {Harry Potter}
  • Teleport (Apparate) {Harry Potter}
  • Respawning Chest (Method #1: Contents)
  • Respawning Chest (Method #2: Timed)

There will be more in the series eventually, including some advanced techniques, but for now these are the tutorials I have planned for the series.

I will start uploadig the first video next week, alongside my other series on layouts.

Author: Companion Wulf

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