Added Page Sections: Assets & Resources and Bakin Games

Progress on the Bakin Athenaeum is slow but consistent now. I will try and keep this as up-to-date as possible. However, if your asset or game is not listed or you find inaccurate information, let me know in Discord.

The following sections are available:

Assets & Resources

The Assets & Resources section contains assets (terrains and 3D models) and plugins created by the community.

  • CW’s Medieval Fantasy Assets – High quality assets that I (Companion Wulf) have created as part of a larger collection, including those from my own games.
  • Bakin Assets – All the assets (free and paid) available for RPG Developer Bakin.
  • Bakin Plugin Scripts – Useful plugins to add functionality to your games.

Bakin Games

The Bakin Games section contains all of the games created for RPG Developer Bakin.

  • Games – A list of all the games available for Bakin (commercial, free and demo).
  • Game Jam Games – Games submitted to the various Bakin game jams.

This section is not complete yet, but in time I’ll separate both into their respective pages as more games are developed.

Author: Companion Wulf

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